Corporate social responsibility is now an essential feature of our modern society.


VVH business translations is part of the global community and wants to make its contribution. Because it is necessary to do so, and because it is good and worthwhile.



VVH business translations is a Business Partner of the international peace initiative MasterPeace.


MasterPeace aims to bring together people and countries that are in conflict or even waging war with each other, whether close to home or in far-away countries. One of the key features of this dynamic project is music. And because translations also bring people together, we can identify with this objective. VVH is making its contribution in the field of language and translation.


For example, in the last two years VVH business translations has translated articles of association, press releases, correspondence and other promotional material for this organisation. The subtitling of the MasterPeace infomercial was also carried out by VVH business translations. We are proud to have been able to raise the profile of this fantastic project with our translation expertise.


In a few years MasterPeace aims to involve millions of people worldwide in peace-building and reducing armed conflict. Music, art, social media and innovative campaigning will play a central role. A growing number of artists, peace organisations, businesses and social entrepreneurs from both the ‘West’ and the ‘East’ are working closely together under the MasterPeace banner. The organisation plans to stage the most uplifting peace concert ever amid the Egyptian pyramids in Cairo on the International Day of Peace (21 September) in 2014.


MasterPeace. Creating peace. Together.


Other good causes

VVH also supports other campaigns and initiatives on a smaller scale. Here are some examples:


Teddybears for Help collects cuddly toys to bring happiness into the lives of children (both close to home and far away). See www.teddybearsforhelp.nl. VVH business translations is a collection point for cuddly toys.


The Good Works foundation develops and supports sustainable entrepreneurship in disadvantaged countries and communities. VVH has supplied a number of translations for the http://welcome2woo.com project.


After completing a co-operation project in Malaysia in 2011 we found we had a modest sum of money left over. We donated this to the local WWF office. In 2007 we helped 120 new-born turtles find their way to the sea, so the money went to a project to protect turtles. See also http://www.wwf.org.my/.

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