If you have a text to be translated you can send it to us at any time. But naturally you will want to know in advance how much it will cost. No problem. Our quotations are always without obligation. And we make sure they are clear.


No surprises

Our quotations are always based on the number of words in your document – the source text – not the number of words in the final translation. After all, depending on the language, the word count of the translated document may be 10% to 30% higher. And we will determine jointly with you whether everything has to be translated. That can give rise to substantial savings.


Every quotation is clear and complete: who you are, who we are, how we work, what needs to be translated, the word count, the rate per word and the total price.


Surcharges may be payable in some cases, for example if a text is particularly difficult or a file requires additional work. An urgency surcharge may also apply, for example if a large volume of work has to be completed in a short time or involves evening or weekend work. We always try to avoid surcharges. If that is not possible, they will be clearly stated in the quotation.


In short, there will be no surprises.


How to request a quotation

We like to keep things simple: you send us a text, and we send you a quotation. If you do not have a text yet, or if it is not yet complete, we can still provide an indicative quotation. In that way you will always have an idea of the likely cost.


You can send your request by e-mail to info@vvh.nl or by using the form on the right. Please always state clearly the languages into which the text is to be translated and when you require the translation. Our quotation will be sent within a few hours, and in some cases by return.


N.B. Requests for interpreting always involve more organisation and need to be discussed with the customer. Please call us on +31 (0)30 2711 294.

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