Translations VVH business translations translates into and out of all languages in practically every field. Our translators are all natural-born writers who translate only into their native language. They are highly trained professionals who have in-depth subject knowledge in.. Read more


Our customers often want more than just a good translation. They want a translation that is still based on your source text but is slightly freer and takes even greater account of the cultural context for which your.. Read more


If you are not 100% certain of the quality of your own text, you can ask us to check it for you. We can look just at purely linguistic issues (such as spelling and grammar) or check the.. Read more


We can also check your own or a related company’s website for correct and attractive use of language. This service is available for all languages. It is important that you tell us what your target group is and.. Read more


We also provide copywriting, usually on the basis of existing material, such as your own text, a draft or a standard translation or TranslationPlus produced by us. Based on your briefing, we can also produce new texts or.. Read more

Interpreting services

A good interpreter is essential in many situations: a meeting with international partners or other foreign guests, a discussion on a complex subject or in which major interests are at stake, a conference with delegates from different.. Read more

Language consultancy

Do you need a translation of a single word or term, in one or more languages? Do you want to know whether the slogan you are using will work with a foreign target group or needs to be.. Read more

Chef’s Specials

Our range of services includes a number of key specialisations that stand out. We have been providing translations of annual reports for many years. This is a specialisation that requires more than translation alone. A knowledge of economics.. Read more