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Our range of services includes a number of key specialisations that stand out.


Market research

VVH has a close affinity with the market research industry, which uses our translations online across many countries. In view of this specialism, we visit a number of market research trade fairs every year in The Hague, London and Paris to meet our domestic and international customers. We are also a member of ESOMAR, the worldwide market research organisation.


We translate questionnaires on purchasing behaviour, customer satisfaction and opinions. This work must be carried out with the utmost care: our customers are paid by their end-customer on the basis of the number of completed questionnaires, so it is vital that the respondent does not abandon a survey because of a poor translation.


Market researchers in particular can benefit from our multilingual capabilities. The record number of languages in a single assignment is currently 52. Projects with more than 10 languages are fairly common. In the quotation stage we look out for possible savings to pass on to the customer. Instructions for the programmer or interviewer, figures and lists of brand names are deducted before the translation price is calculated. That can substantially reduce the final price.


Our sister company SmartCoding

SmartCoding was formed in 2006 as a spin-off from VVH business translations. SmartCoding codes the results obtained in international market surveys. Answers from various countries are interpreted and classified (coded) without having to go through a prior translation process. Customers (market researchers) can then carry out a uniform analysis. VVH and SmartCoding work to some extent for the same customers. See also


Annual reports

We have been providing translations of annual reports for many years. This is a specialisation that requires more than translation alone. A knowledge of economics and finance and appropriate, up-to-date terminology is essential when translating annual reports. Moreover, an annual report is never translated all at once; there are nearly always further edits and last-minute changes. That means it is vital that the translation agency has sound but flexible working methods. Various multinationals therefore use VVH business translations. Sometimes on the basis of previous non-financial translation work (which means we already know what the company does), sometimes because of successful previous translations of quarterly reports, but also often as a result of a recommendation or a test translation. Whatever the situation, we always co-operate closely and deliver a high-quality result.

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