We engage with the substance of the texts we translate. After assessing the source text we select the most suitable and experienced translator in the relevant field and decide what support he or she needs (for example with terminology). If necessary we’ll contact the client to clarify any uncertainties. (And we’ll tell the client about any errors we find in the source text.)


We also monitor the schedule, communicate with clients and translators during the assignment, ensure efficient version management, carry out a final check and, in the case of regular clients, update the translation memory.


Not every source text is appropriate for the intended audience in another language, for example because the culture is very different. The solution then is to perform additional editing. Our translators are not only native speakers conversant with the required subject area, but also experienced writers who can do more with a text than just ‘flip’ it from language A to language B. Improving and adapting texts is something we can also do even if the text does not have to be translated.