- Our world

The world is our oyster

Our world is defined by our international translator network, by our clients in the Netherlands and around 15 other countries and by our office in Utrecht, as the hub of all those connections.


Our translators, editors, interpreters and copywriters always work in their native language and are based in more than 70 countries. But there’s more to it than that. For example, for Canadian French we know an expert based in Scandinavia, we sometimes source stylish British English texts from Belgium and for elegant German we sometimes work with a colleague in Australia. But for most projects, of course, it’s important to use an in-country translator, in other words a translator working in the country of his or her native language.

The selection of a translator for a particular project is determined by many more factors: specialist knowledge, desired style and, of course, availability – these people are in demand. That’s what makes the work so fascinating: finding the precise match somewhere in the world.



Our network of clients is no less extensive and diverse. In the 25 years plus that we’ve been doing this work we’ve naturally developed a range of specialisations in products and sectors, but we’ve also worked for contractors, accountants, lawyers, waste processors, architects, banks, trade fair organisers, brewers, biotechnology companies, construction firms, industry associations, business consultants, chemical companies, coaches, communication agencies, conservatories, bailiffs, printers, electronics manufacturers, energy firms, event organisers, pharmaceutical companies, film producers, financial service providers, local authorities, charities, hotels, engineering firms, internet companies, IT consultants, cable companies, couriers, lobbyists, airlines, real estate agents, marketing consultants, media firms, trademark offices, fashion houses, museums, works councils, educational institutions, designers, training institutes, paper producers, pension funds, PR agencies, property developers, courts, advertising agencies, restaurants, retailers, software developers, toy developers, foundations, copywriters, telecom companies, trainers, transport companies, publishers, funeral directors, temporary employment agencies, universities, trade unions, change strategists, United Nations, packaging companies, translation agencies, insurance companies, public relations officials, fabric producers, scientists, spokespersons and care institutions.

To name but a few.


We regularly present a selection of recent cases here. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

About us

The hub of this network of contacts is VVH business translations, which has been based in Utrecht for many years. Founder Matthijs van Hoorn grew up in his parents’ translation agency and started his own business at the earliest opportunity. Vertaalbureau Van Hoorn was founded in 1995. We soon changed the name to VVH business translations, because not only our translators but also our customers are located around the world. Our core strengths have remained the same: personal contact, customer proximity, pursuit of constant improvement and above all great job satisfaction.


As well as translators and customers, we network with all kinds of other bodies and associations, such as fellow office tenants, networking organisations, professional colleagues, local and regional authorities etc.  We’re also very familiar with import, export, business licensing and other procedures,  so we’re happy to help with any other questions about international business. Feel free to call us any time.