Financial translations

With financial translations it’s naturally a question of the right terminology, but we also check all the figures. After all, too few or too many zeros can make a big difference, and the same goes for the number format (where non English-speaking countries use a comma instead of a decimal point).


We work for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, but we also translate annual reports, quarterly reports, investment reports etc. across all sectors and organisations. We translate documents for shareholder meetings, stock market reports and much more besides, such as IPO prospectuses.


We’re often called on to handle combined financial and legal translations, for example for mergers, acquisitions, management buy-outs and similar transactions. There are also management buy-ins, for example when investors buy into a position on the board of a start-up to help the business get off the ground. We translate for a range of investors who take on this role.



When translating regular publications such as quarterly reports and annual reports we often come across sentences and passages that we’ve translated before. We can reuse those and that can make a big difference to the price. Contact us and ask about the possibilities.