Legal translations

VVH business translations can provide all your legal translations. That means not only translations for the judicial authorities, notaries, solicitors and other lawyers – although we do of course provide those. It also includes general terms and conditions, purchase conditions, as well as texts concerning liability, GDPR, service level agreements and all kinds of contracts and agreements.


Even if it’s a text intended to sell shampoo, when we translate legal texts we give our clients the assurance that nothing can go wrong with their transactions – at least not as a result of the translation.

We make sure that every text, every sentence, every word can only be interpreted in one way. That’s why for every assignment we use a translator who’s familiar with the relevant legal system, and whose knowledge is right up to date.


Certified translations

If a text has legal status, the translation may need to be certified. That means a registered sworn translator declares that the translation is an accurate and complete reflection of the original. Even more assurance can be given by attaching an apostille. We can arrange that with the court.

Want to know more? Call us. We’ll be pleased to tell you more. In unambiguous terms, of course.